Presidency: Romania not directly affected by situation in Ukraine, no immediate risks for national security

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Romania is not directly affected by the situation in Ukraine and there are no immediate risks for this country's national security. This is one of the conclusions of the working meeting with the national security structures President Traian Basescu convened on Saturday evening.

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Romania has not raised the alert level of the national security structures, informs a release the Presidency sent to Agerpres.

Moreover, "Romania will continue to be active in the relations with its allies in the talks about the events in Ukraine; Romania's President, Mr Traian Basescu, empowered the representatives of the Romanian State to present Romania's position in principle during the ensuing debates on this subject in the structures of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and of the European Union (EU)," reads the above-mentioned source.

Romania will go on monitoring with utmost care both the situation in Ukraine and the separatist developments in the Republic of Moldova, also reads the release of the Presidency referring to the conclusions of the meeting held at the Cotroceni Palace.

President Traian Basescu on Saturday evening, at 7 pm, local time, convened a working meeting with the national security structures in order to discuss the situation in Crimea. The Presidency emphasized the fact that it was not a meeting of the Supreme Council of National Defence.

The Presidential Administration announced previously, on Saturday, through a press release, that Romania opined that any presence of the troops of the Russian Federation in Ukraine's territory, without its assent and outside the bilateral agreements and the already existing Ukrainian notifications, could be regarded as an aggression to Ukraine.

"Romania's President, Mr Traian Basescu, watches with special care the ongoing events in the Peninsula of Crimea, but also in the region of Kharkov, Donetsk and Odessa. The appearance of some unclaimed military groups that occupied the buildings of the legitimate authorities and the repeated signals of some separatist tendencies threaten the stability of Ukraine, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and the regional security," informs the release issued by the Presidency.

According to the above-mentioned source, Romania is concerned with the "full" observance of Ukraine's statehood, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

According to the release mentioned before, President Basescu requests that the troop movements in the Peninsula of Crimea should strictly observe the provisions of the 1994 Agreement of Budapest on guaranteeing Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and should confine themselves to the bilateral documents on the presence of the Russian troops in the Peninsula of Crimea on the basis of the Agreements of Kharkov and of all the elements that were subsequently notified by the Ukrainian authorities.

"President Basescu insists on the fact that any political difference between the regional administration of Crimea and the central power of the Ukrainian State cannot be settled by force, it can only be settled by means of a direct dialogue, within the bounds of Ukraine's constitutional provisions. As concerns the protection of minorities, Romania's President, Mr Traian Basescu, thinks that the firm enforcement of the international norms and of the good practices in the field are the only source of regulating the rights of the national minorities and must be an obligation of every state and not the reason for a foreign armed intervention," also read the release issued by the Presidency. AGERPRES


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