Basescu: Russia not seeking conflict with a NATO member state, thus Romania not a target

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Russia is not seeking a conflict with a NATO-member state, Romania is categorically not a target of a possible act of aggression against Ukraine, President Traian Basescu told ProTv private broadcaster on Sunday.

Photo credit: (c) Alex Micsik / AGERPRES FOTO

"By no means Russia is seeking a conflict with a NATO-member state. Romania is definitely not a target of a possible aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. A very clear message was conveyed so as to prevent unnecessary agitation in Romania ... We are already thinking about going to war. No! It will not be the case! In terms of security, Romania's borders are safe, secure and protected. (...) Romania is once again engulfed by conflicts, in a region of conflict if the situation in Ukraine escalates and in an area of instability. In the south, in the Balkans, there is Bosnia and Herzegovina, where people are in the streets, there is the Ukraine crisis, Moldova with a Transnistria launching challenges against the Chisinau administration, a Gagauzia that held a referendum to join the Eurasian Union, with a Communist Party in the Republic of Moldova seeking to give rise to a conflict in northern Moldova this time, so opposite to Gagauzia, in Balti, for the Eurasian path of the Republic of Moldova," Traian Basescu said at the "After 20 years" talk-show aired on ProTv.

According to him, there is a risk that the region could be introduced into an area of instability and as a result Romania's funding costs will increase.

"The direct investments will decline. This is the domain where we shall suffer the consequences. There are no risks to independence, territorial sovereignty as far as Romania is concerned. There cannot be such risks," the head of state said. AGERPRES


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