Romania's Eurosong will be revealed Saturday night

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The winning song of the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will be known Saturday night after a show that will be broadcast live by the public television from the 'Sica Alexandrescu' theatre in Brasov.

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A team of 80 people worked on preparing the show, representatives of the producers informed AGERPRES. The scene of the "Sica Alexandrescu" drama theater was extended and adapted for this show that will host stars from the public television station TVR, Eurovision finalists and guest artists.

The show that marks 46 years since the launching of the Golden Stag Festival but will also see the unveiling of spring season programme of TVR is set to begin at 20.30 and will last for about two hours.

Alexandru Ghildus is the creator of the trophy that will be awarded to the winner of the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The order in which tonight's competitors will perform is the following: Paula Seling & Ovi — "Miracle", Bere Gratis — "Despre mine si ea", The dAdA — "Unpredictable", The Zuralia Orchestra — "You Know", Vizi Imre—"Kind of Girl", Anca Florescu — "Hearts Collide", Silvia Dumitrescu — "Fiorul iubirii", Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz — "Letting Go", Stefan Stan feat TeddyK — "Breathe", Naomy — "Daca tu iubesti", Vaida — "One More Time" and Sal — "Hardjock".

The winners will be determined by equal parts televoting and a score given by a panel of judges composed of experts in the field, with a minimum of five judges sitting and a maximum of seven with two members on stand-by.

Viewers can choose their favorite songs during the show. Each song will be allocated a phone number that will be shown for the entire running time of the song. Once voting will commence viewers can cast their televote from the same terminal for one or more songs but only once per song.

The winner of the National Selection will represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest's second semifinal that will take place on May 8. The final will take place on May 10. Romania's not the only country to choose their Eurosong on March 1. Estonia and Lithuania's national finals will take place on the same day. AGERPRES


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