Military plane carrying Ukrainian casualties touches down in Bucharest

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The military plane carrying casualties of the Ukraine violent clashes landed on Saturday afternoon at the Otopeni 90th Airlift Base.

Photo credit: (c) Bogdan Barbulescu / AGERPRES ARHIVA

The wounded will be transported by four multiple-casualty ambulances to the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital, the 'Floreasca' Emergency Hospital, the 'Elias' Hospital and the 'Bagdasar Arseni' Hospital.

Most of the victims have gunshot wounds, burns or blast injuries.

"It's hard to say how long the patients will remain in Romania and I think they will leave separately, because this all depends on when each individual case is solved. It all depends on their injuries, on the treatment received, there are patients who need interventions, the results can be fast and they can go back home, but others may need weeks to recover," Arafat said before the plane's takeoff for Ukraine.

The Secretary of State also said that most patients are young, born after the '80s.

The relatives of the victims who will want to come to Bucharest can do so only by respecting the status of ordinary visitor.

The Romanian official also said that Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania also got involved in taking in Ukraine casualties.

The military aircraft that brought to Romania 12 people injured in the violent incidents in Ukraine took off Saturday morning at 8:15 from the Air Force 90th Airlift Base, heading for Kiev. AGERPRES


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