MAE deeply regrets deterioration of situation in Crimea

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) deeply regrets the deterioration of the situation in Crimea, an important region in southern Ukraine.

Photo credit: (c) Cristian Nistor / AGERPRES ARHIVA

According to a press release MAE sent to Agerpres on Saturday, the preservation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty are, from the viewpoint of Romania and of the international community, basic elements, which are 'absolutely necessary' for preserving regional stability and security.

'In its capacity as a member of the European Union and the NATO, Romania actively watches and is particularly careful and worried about the developments that can alter the parameters of the Ukrainian statehood. Romania is in touch with its partners in the EU and NATO in connection with these developments. The Romanian MAE thinks it is necessary to observe to the letter the legal regime in force, which has been accepted by the host state, when it comes to the presence of the foreign troops in the territory of the Ukrainian region of Crimea,' reads the above-mentioned release.

MAE says that avoiding a situation of authority void, which is apt to affect the capability to maintain public order, is absolutely necessary in this period for guaranteeing the safety and integrity of Ukrainian citizens, no matter to what ethnic group they belong.

'In the same spirit of deep concern, MAE thinks that the authorities and the citizens must constantly see to the prevention of any kind of violence,' reads the press release mentioned before. AGERPRES


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