Victor Ponta: I see Mr. Tariceanu as a strong presidential candidate

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Premier Victor Ponta on Wednesday night declared at the Antena 3 broadcaster that he sees Calin Popescu Tariceanu as a strong presidential candidate, alongside other three potential aspirants for the office, as opinion polls also show.

Photo credit: (c) Grigore Popescu / AGERPRES ARHIVA

Victor Ponta said that according to opinion polls, a maximum of four personalities are in the Romanians' preferences for President, and Calin Popescu Tariceanu is one of them.

The Premier also pointed out that the formula he is contemplating is to restore the broken up USL with a single presidential candidate.

"I believe that the successful project and the successful option for PSD and for me as Prime Minister is to restore USL with a single candidate for President, and as long as the PSD has the position of Premier, as we signed and voted for, we will support a Liberal candidate for Presidency, but it is important that the Liberal candidate too wants USL to through its support behind him, because that's what we promised the people (...)," Ponta said.

The Premier added that he very much regrets the decision of the Liberals to pull out of government, but said he hopes it can be reversed and that things can be made right, even if he is disappointed. Victor Ponta mentioned that the breakup of USL cannot be entirely blamed on Crin Antonescu and owned up to his share of responsibility, alongside others too. AGERPRES


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