PM Ponta: There should be no power, opposition, presidency, gov't for anti-corruption prosecutors

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All those who break the law should be held to account, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Thursday and he told the anti-corruption prosecutors that there should never be the power, the opposition, the presidency or the government for them when settling the cases.

Photo credit: (c) Grigore Popescu / AGERPRES FOTO

'I've been thinking ever since I became a resident prosecutor that all those who break the law, those who commit corruption deeds, in this particular case, should be held to account before the law. And I think that there should never be the power, the opposition, the presidency, the government, the left or the right for you. There should only be people who obey the law and people who break the law and must be held to account', the prime minister said on attending a meeting unveiling the 2013 results of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA).

Ponta added that for him, in his capacity of the head of the executive, any action of the DNA prosecutors by which a civil servant of any rank is found to have violated the law, thus hitting the public interests, represents a great help.

'Any corrupted person that you prove to be so and afterwards the justice system confirms as being guilty is, I repeat, an advantage for any head of the executive, since many times one cannot clean one's own yard by oneself. And it is of great help for a normal conduct of the executive activity. It is for this reason that, beyond the words that no doubt are the basic currency of the Romanian society, I think that for you, as magistrates and prosecutors deeds count more', the premier stressed.

He added: 'And when I speak of deeds I'm referring the support I had before the constitutional commission for the prosecutors to remain magistrates. And I think the representatives of the CSM (the Superior Council of Magistrates) remember this and this thing remains in the constitution revision draft and is important for the future. I am convinced you do not forget that I, alongside Justice Minister (Robert) Cazanciuc am the one to have assumed the appointments to the DNA leading positions and to have ensured, by such appointments, the kind of stability and independence which is very hard to be dented by anybody one way or another any longer'.AGERPRES


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