Lithuania's support for Romania's Schengen Area entry, reaffirmed by Arturas Paulauskas

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Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu met on Tuesday with a delegation of Lithuania's Parliament, headed by Arturas Paulauskas, the National Security and Defence Committee's Chairman, who reaffirmed his country's support for Romania's accession to the Schengen Area.

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According to a MAE release for AGERPRES, the agenda of the discussions included themes such as the developments in Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership, and also the cooperation between the two countries in the NATO and the EU.

'In turn, the Lithuanian official underscored the excellent relationships between the two states and informed about the priorities of the Lithuanian foreign policy. He shared the assessment of the excellent bilateral relations, emphasizing the need for reflecting this reality also at the level of the trade and inter-human exchanges between the two countries. Moreover, the Lithuanian official reaffirmed Lithuania's support for Romania's Schengen Area accession. He also shared the assessments of the Romanian side regarding the situation in Ukraine and voiced willingness to continue working together to promote common interests in the Eastern Neighborhood,' reads the release.

Bogdan Aurescu pointed out that Romania and Lithuania share converging positions on a wide range of topics in the field of European security, including in terms of the Eastern Neighborhood. He congratulated the Lithuanian parliamentary delegation on the results of the EU Council Presidency that Lithuania held it in the second half of last year.

'The Romanian official said that the developments in Ukraine are of highest concern for Romania, voicing the firm interest of our country in internal stability, as well as the support for the continuation of Ukraine's European path. Has also underscored the need for Ukraine's difficult economic situation to be balanced with the support of the international community, including international financial institutions. He reiterated Romania's stance in the sense that nationalist or extremist actions should be avoided in Ukraine, which are likely to exacerbate the tendencies of political and social division, with an inclusive political process being necessary. He reminded Romania's stance on of the effects of abrogating the Law on the principles of state policy in the linguistic field, voicing concern for possible deterioration to the system of protecting the people who belong to national minorities, the MAE also informs.AGERPRES


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