Arafat: 12 injured in violent incidents in Ukraine, to be treated in Bucharest

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At the end of a Government meeting on Wednesday, Secretary of State of the Interior Ministry Raed Arafat announced that 12 injured in the violent incidents in Ukraine would be treated in the hospitals Floreasca, Bagdasar, Universitar and Elias of Bucharest.

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'At the request of the Ukrainian side, received through our embassy in Kiev and through the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), inquiring about the possibility of taking over a number of injured persons to be treated in Romania, Mr Minister Oprea forwarded the Government a request for approving a humanitarian mission conducted with the support of MAE and in cooperation with the National Defence Ministry and the Health Ministry, bringing to Romania 12 injured persons from Ukraine, who are going to be identified with the aid of the medical teams that will be sent there and with the aid of the Ukrainian authorities, in order to be treated in the Health Ministry's hospitals of Romania,' Arafat told a press briefing following the Government meeting.

According to Arafat, the mission will be planned on Thursday and carried out in the following 24-48 hours with a military aircraft, which will go to Kiev and fly in the injured. The aircraft will have on board a team of the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) service of Bucharest.

Arafat also announced that there were other European countries, such as Germany and Poland, which got involved in similar humanitarian missions. AGERPRES


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