Antonescu: PNL not voting new government formula; Ponta-UDMR negotiations are normal

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Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu announced on Wednesday evening that the Liberals will reject in Parliament the new government line-up if Prime Minister Victor Ponta seeks the lawmakers' vote thereon next week.

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"If the decision to come on Tuesday, March 4, before Parliament with a new governing formula is real, if it proves true, I think it's a good decision. The National Liberal Party will of course vote against such a formula, but we think this is the normal way to proceed," Crin Antonescu told a press conference.

He added that Romania very quickly needs a stable government.

"After a prolonged and artificial crisis, Romania very quickly needs a stable government, not one with interims. We need to know who is fully in power, we need to know who supports this government, and implicitly who the parliamentary majority is made up of. These clarifications are absolutely necessary in a democracy and we carry on according to the rules of the democratic game between the power and the opposition, with everything that means the normal course of a democratic regime. Appointing a government as soon as possible and clearly outlining a majority is very good for the country. We will not hinder Mr. Ponta in this respect whatsoever," said the PNL leader.

Crin Antonescu also said that Prime Minister Victor Ponta's negotiations with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and the Lower House minorities' group are normal.

"I hope that on Tuesday we either have a new government, or if not, we move to another formula of democratically seeking a new government," Antonescu added. AGERPRES


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