Ponta: I am calling on our Liberal colleagues to salvage USL project, to continue ruling together

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday called on the National Liberal Party (PNL) to salvage the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL - an alliance made up of the Social Democratic Party, PNL, the Conservative Party and the National Union for the Progress of Romania) and continue governing in the same formula.

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"As Romania's chief of Government, invested through the vote of the USL majority, which received in December 2012 the vote of confidence and hope of the majority of the Romanian population, it is my duty tonight to make another plea, before the political meeting of PNL, to my Liberal partners and colleagues, a plea for salvaging the political project called USL, for continuing to rule together," Ponta said at the Victoria Palace of Government.

The Prime Minister believes that breaking up USL would be a wrong decision and the obligation to the voters is to keep the Union going.

"A decision to break up the Social Liberal Union would be a wrong decision after all these years during which we fought together in the Opposition with most of the PNL leaders by our side, we have governed well and I want to say that there is a fundamental contribution by all Liberal ministers, the Liberal MPs, by those elected to local authorities, to making 2013 one of the best years for Romania in economic and social terms. We ran together in elections and, as a matter of fact, not one parliamentarian was elected as a Social Democrat, a Liberal or a Conservative, they have all been elected as members of the Social Liberal Union and I believe it is our duty to our voters to stay together," Ponta argued.

The head of the Executive added that USL still has a common objective.

"We have many other objectives ahead, Traian Basescu and his regime are still in place. Our victory as a political project is not yet complete and for Romania's future it is essential that we carry through these fundamental objectives," the Prime Minister said. AGERPRES


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