Antonescu: PNL decided to withdraw from Government

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National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Crin Antonescu on Tuesday announced that the Liberals, in the Standing Delegation meeting, decided to withdraw from the Government.


'It is a decision made by an overwhelming vote, but it is a decision that was not easy to make, it is a decision we did not want, it is a decision we tried to avoid making,' Antonescu said.

'We found it honest, fair not to prolong a festival of hypocrisy and to have the courage ourselves to find what is most certainly true and namely that the Social Liberal Union no longer exists, because it had no more reason to exist,' he added.

Liberal ministers and other officials will submit their resignations by 12 p.m. local time, the National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman Crin Antonescu declared.

"Our ministers have practically announced their resignations from the political point of view. Tomorrow by 12 o'clock all the [Liberal] officials, state secretary and holders of equivalent positions will legally file their resignations at the Government," Antonescu said.

PNL asks for Prime Minister Victor Ponta's resignation, Liberal chairman Crin Antonescu said.

"Victor Ponta got his nomination and subsequent appointment as prime minister heading a USL [Social Liberal Union] Government," Antonescu claimed at the Parliament Palace.

He added that Ponta will probably not resign. AGERPRES


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