Youth in Romania and abroad to simulate UN works at BISMUN conference

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More than 250 young people in Romania and abroad will participate between March 26 and 31 in the sixth edition of the BISMUN (Bucharest International Student Model United Nations) Conference, the largest UN simulation project in Romania.

Photo credit: (c) Mihai Poziumschi / AGERPRES ARHIVĂ

The conference is organized by the UN Youth Association of Romania and the Romanian Senate and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations System in Romania and the University of Bucharest.

The participants will perform the roles of delegates representing the policies, interests, and goals of a state at one of the eight simulated organizations.

Over the six day of the conference, they will be made responsible through the exercise of capabilities of legal and political representation of the chosen state in the bills drafted by the simulated international institution.

The BISMUN 2014 Conference will simulate the following councils and committees: the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council, the UN Economic and Social Council — ECOSOC, the UN General Assembly First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) — DISEC, the UN General Assembly Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian, Cultural) — SOCHUM, the International Court of Justice, the North Atlantic Council, and the UN Trusteeship Council.

The Model United Nations practice, with a long international tradition, is one of the most popular and complex types of academic simulations; it attracts an increasing number of young people interested in the world level issues.

The UN Youth Association of Romania is a non-governmental organization established to promote and encourage UN values and activities among Romanian youth and society, and among the international community. AGERPRES


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