ForMin Corlatean condemns violence that left human casualties in Kyiv

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At an extraordinary meeting in Brussels of the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council, Romania's Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean reiterated deep concern over the recent dramatic events in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, firmly condemning violence there that left human casualties.

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In a press release issued by Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE), Corlatean is quoted as having underscored the main responsibility to take action for immediate cessation of violence and the promotion of dialogue with the Opposition rests with the political leadership of Ukraine, also mentioning the need for the Opposition leaders to disavow the actions of radical groups.

Corlatean also emphasised the importance of the EU encouraging domestic political dialogue in Ukraine as part of democratic mechanisms and in line with the rule of law, as this is the only way in which a lasting solution can be worked out.

'To Romania, stability in Ukraine, where an important historical community of ethnic Romanians lives, is essential. The effects of instability being perpetrated at Romania's borders and at the borders of a European Union partner state, Moldova, which is at a junction in its European journey, is a major security risk,' Corlatean is quoted as saying in his speech to the meeting.

Corlatean on Thursday attended an extraordinary meeting of EU's foreign ministers to tackle the situation in Ukraine in the aftermath of violence escalation of late.

'The European ministers conducted an ample discussion of the ways in the short and medium run that the EU may use to efficiently contribute to easing tension in Ukraine. The European foreign ministers voiced their deep concern over the continuing deterioration of the situation in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine, firmly condemning the violent actions that in just 48 hours left more than one hundred people dead or injured,' reads the MAE release.

The meeting also praised the European political and diplomatic actions that included the on-site presence in Kyiv of the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland and a sizeable delegation of the European Parliament, right during the ministerial meeting in Brussels. The ministers underscored the need for EU to continue its active involvement, together with other international players, in bringing to the negotiating table the parties implicated in the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine.

'Calling for a firm, uniform and rapid reaction of the EU to the serious developments of the past days, the ministers agreed to pass sanctions, in the form of targeted individual restrictions against the people who are responsible for the violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms and violent actions,' says MAE.

Corlatean underscored the urgency of finding a medium-term solution to solve the hard economic situation Ukraine finds itself in which escalation could generate regional implications. In the same context, he highlighted the need for coordinated EU-US actions that also include international financial institutions to help Ukraine with economic recovery.

The Romanian chief diplomat also voiced confidence in Ukraine's capability of overcoming this difficult domestic moment and deciding on resuming on its European journey that first of all benefits the country's citizens. AGERPRES


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