Foreign Ministry welcomes signing of agreement on settlement of Ukraine political crisis

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The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the signing of the agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine and reiterates that honest, inclusive and engaging dialogue is the only way for the sustainable settlement of the current standoff.

Photo credit: (c) Cristian Nistor / AGERPRES ARHIVĂ

The signing of the agreement between the representatives of the power and of the opposition following mediation by the European ministerial troika acting on behalf of High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton is a success that should be credited to the active involvement of the European Union and the member states for a compromise to be reached between the parties involved in the deep political crisis Ukraine is going through. Romania, as an EU member state, will further stay actively involved in the process for the facilitation of the full settlement of the crisis," the Foreign Ministry informed in a release sent on Friday to Agerpres.

The Foreign Ministry expresses deep regret that an extreme situation with countless victims had to ensue for the parties involved to finally engage in efficient dialogue.

The Foreign Ministry considers that the Agreement on the settlement of the Ukraine crisis provides well-defined steps that will ensure long-term solutions and will set Ukraine back on the track of democracy and of strengthened rule of law. The recovery of Ukraine's economy will have to be a priority of the European Union, the USA, alongside the international financial institutions.

The Foreign Ministry also voiced conviction that the sustainable and consistent implementation of the agreement will ensure stability and prosperity for the Ukrainian people. AGERPRES


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