Romanian gamers play 2 hrs/day on average; 50 percent favour First Person Shooters

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"Project Winner" stats about Romanian gamers show the true extent of gaming in Romania and Romanian gamers' preferences

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Most Romanian gamers, about 90 percent, devote their evenings and nights to game, 4 percent prefer gaming in the morning, the remaining 6 percent gaming at or around noon, according to the research paper "Project Winner," the newest consumer inquiry done by Intel in Romania in partnership with

Most gamers, 42 percent, allot two to four hours a day to gaming and 34 percent set aside less than two hours a day.

As such, judging by the time dedicated to gaming by gamers, four categories stand out: extreme (7 percent) — spending an average of 6 hours in play, heavy (17 percent) — spending between 4 and 6 hours gaming, medium (42 percent) — on average spending 2 to 4 hours gaming and light (34 percent) — playing for less than 2 hours a day.

The research also shows that approximately 3/4 of gamers spend at least two hours a day playing and practising their favourite game. They are thus in correlation with the global trend among gamers, according to which average gamers spend around two hours a day practising game tactics and thirteen hours weekly.

Romanians' passion for gaming transcends the notion of play, manifesting itself as a reason to perfect one's game and set new personal and group records. To put it in another way, the Romanian gamer does not seek simply play time, but seeks to evolve and become the best at their game of choice. He is a record seeker, be it a personal or group record.

Regarding game types preferred, Intel's inquiry shows that: 43 percent favour action games, specifically First Person Shooters (FPS), 18 percent prefer Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG) or Role-playing Games (RPG), 16 percent are simulation oriented, 13 percent opt for Real Time Strategy (RTS) and 10 percent prefer other types of games.

Romanian gamers are split on game mode though, 51 percent favouring multiplayer gaming whereas 49 percent prefer single-player options. However, following the global trend, multiplayer gameplay offers much more than what the name implies, being a method for Romanian gamers to socialize and keep in touch with friends.

In regard to the hardware used, the desktop PC is still "king." 73 percent of gamers interviewed during the "Project Winner" research say that they use a desktop PC due to the computing power that allows for games to run in optimal conditions, 44 percent of interviewees agreeing that the processor is the most important component, 32 prcent finding it essential. After desktop PC, Netbooks & Ultrabooks are the preference for 24 percent of users whereas only 3 percent use other devices.

In the necessary hardware for gaming section things are clear, 58 percent of users preferring Solid-State Drives (SSD), 72 percent favouring dedicated graphic cards. In regards to overclocking, 29 percent of gamers deeming it of high importance and 16 percent deeming it essential.

The research also shows that 9 percent of gamers would upgrade their rig in less than a year, 33 percent after one year, 39 percent after two years and 14 percent after three years and only 5 percent after 5 years.

"The fact that upgrading a gaming rig no later than three years is a recognized necessity by Romanian gamers shows that they are up-to-date with technological developments and are aware that in order to set records, it is necessary to use cutting edge technology. In truth, 33 percent of interviewees change their PC after 4 or more years, 29 percent once every two years, 26 percent once every three years and 9 percent after one year," according to Intel.

The research was conducted between December 5, 2013 and January 15, 2014 on a sample of 3,297 respondents, on the website that hosts an important gaming community. AGERPRES


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