Prime Minister Ponta calls on President Basescu to stop offensive against foreign investors

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday asked President Traian Basescu to stop his attacks aimed at foreign investors in Romania, and pledged Government support for them.

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'I am calling on the President not to attack companies and investors in Romania,' Ponta told a press conference at the Victoria Palace.

Ponta assured the investors of the Government's support; he asked them to disregard the 'irresponsible and politically charged statements' of the Head of State.

'I needed to pledge on behalf of the Romanian Government the unreserved support of the Government for all the investors in the Romanian economy, either Romanian or foreign ones, as they have contributed in 2013 to Romania's economic growth and restart, to the creation of jobs, to the rise in the development level, and I think that Romania must keep looking like a country that welcomes and supports all kinds of investments. I am talking about both domestic investments by SMEs, and inward investments of large foreign companies. I felt obliged to come with this public signal, and also to call for responsibility from the political factors, starting with President Traian Basescu, who is now at the end of his term in office and is constantly attacking the large investors in Romania,' the Prime Minister said.

Victor Ponta added that Traian Basescu had attacked several large companies operating in Romania; he mentioned Kaz Munai Gaz, Dacia-Renault, and more recently Huawei.

'After constant attacks aimed at a major investor, Kaz Munai Gaz Rompetrol Romania, came that utterly irresponsible statement on the Dacia-Renault factory, which according to the President was to leave Romania, while — and I truly appreciate this — the Dacia-Renault management clearly explained that Romania is a key country for the company's worldwide operations, and that it has already invested and it keeps investing in Romania. Therefore, the jobs, the taxes, the other benefits for Romania from the presence of such companies are preserved,' the Prime Minister asserted.

Ponta added that Basescu's most recent attack of a foreign investor in Romania was directed at 'a multinational company, the Huawei Company.'

'In this Memorandum available to you and for the President, there are clearly no financial, legal, or contractual commitments, and any type of presence in Romania of this world giant is in conformity with Romania's commitments as a European Union member state. However, the international companies investing in Romania must be confident that politically charged fights and irresponsible statements of high officials, first of all of Romania's President, are unsubstantial; that their investments in Romania will be protected as long as they pay taxes, create jobs, contribute to Romania's economic and social relaunch efforts. On behalf of the Government, as I did every time I had contacts with large international companies and signed agreements with them, I want Romania to remain a destination for foreign investments,' the Prime Minister declared.

Victor Ponta also mentioned that during the first 11 months of 2013, the direct inward investments in Romania amounted to 2.7 billion euros, which is the first recovery after the 2009-2012 crisis period.

'I want to state that from the institutional point of view the Government closely cooperates with the National Bank of Romania and with the representatives of the business sector. ... Thus we can guarantee the continuation of the exceptional economic results in 2013 throughout 2014 and the coming years,' the Prime Minister added. AGERPRES


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