Basescu: Ponta's proposal to become interim finance minister, a good solution

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President Traian Basescu believes Prime Minister Victor Ponta becoming interim finance minister was a good solution, given that Romania has to sign a letter of intent with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Basescu was asked whether he received the letter of intent to the IMF to sign. He said, 'No, but that is why I have so quickly accepted the designation of the prime minister as interim finance minister because the letter has to be signed by the finance minister and the governor of the National Bank of Romania after receiving a mandate from the President. I believe a new finance minister would have been a signature that could not have covered the negotiations as he or she had not attended them. That is why I believe the prime minister's proposal was a good solution.'

On Wednesday, the President signed decrees taking note of the resignations of National Liberal Party's Daniel Chitoiu and Andrei Gerea from the offices of finance minister and economy minister, respectively.

He also signed decrees appointing Minister-delegate for Energy Constantin Nita of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) acting economy minister and Prime Minister Victor Ponta acting finance minister. AGERPRES


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