Marian-Jean Marinescu: EIB must generate jobs for at least 500,000 Europeans in 2014

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The Committee on Budgetary Control of the European Parliament (EP) on Tuesday adopted a report drawn up by MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu, of the Democratic Liberal Party, on the activity of the European Investment Bank (EIB), in which the rapporteur asks the EIB to make sure it achieves its aim of generating jobs for at least half a million Europeans in 2014


The means by which the EIB should achieve this aim are loans for the infrastructure projects, the efficiency of resources, the development of knowledge and competences as well as for the SMEs. The report also emphasizes the transparency problems in the activity of the EIB and the necessity for the European Central Bank to cautiously supervise the EIB, informs a release of the EPP group on Wednesday, remitted by our correspondent in Brussels Florin Stefan

'The financial instruments created through the new multiannual financial framework can contribute to solving many of the problems of the member states. I think that the EIB can play a decisive part in making investments quite optimal and can be at the same time a catalyst for intensifying the cooperation between the Commission and the member states in extremely important fields such as cohesion policy. Many member states face low absorption rates for the European funds. Now it is possible for the member states, in cooperation with the Commission, to be able to use part of the allocations from the structural funds both in order to share risks and to offer guarantees for the loans from the EIB with a view to intensifying investments in knowledge and competences, the efficiency of resources, the strategic infrastructure and the SMEs,' the above-mentioned release quotes Marinescu as saying.

The rapporteur also asked that the EIB should increase the volume of investments as part of the Youth Employment programme so that they will concretely stimulate the growth of new jobs for young people. AGERPRES


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