PC's Constantin agrees to give up deputy prime minister position pending Government's restructuring

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Conservative Party (PC) head Daniel Constantin announced that he agreed to give up the deputy prime minister position, and reopen the issue when political consensus on Government restructuring is reached.

'We all have agreed, me first as being concerned, that if the USL (ruling Social Liberal Union made up of the Social Democratic Party — PSD, the National Liberal Party — PNL, PC, and the National Union for Romania's Progress—UNPR) depends merely on Daniel Constantin's nomination as deputy prime minister — which moreover is a position committed by Mr Crin Antonescu and subsequently disowned by him — then of course we cannot accept such a situation. I maintain it that in this case the Government is not restructured, and I think this is important; I have seen reports today about us being unwilling to come unless as ministers and deputy prime ministers, Mr [Klaus] Iohannis said it; we must take things one step at a time. Mr Iohannis is welcome within the Government, he can be minister of home affairs, and later when political consensus is reached for restructuring the Government, he will be appointed deputy prime minister, too. I think this was a wise request of the Prime Minister, to disengage this political crisis we're in,' Constantin said at the Parliament Palace.

He added that the Centre-Right Alliance protocol is a commitment by Crin Antonescu and PNL to have one of the deputy prime minister positions if there are more of them, which has actually happened, and to grant the PC another one, which has not.

The PC chairman said he had not yet considered the rationale of the Liberals stepping down from power; he rather expects concessions from the PNL head.

'Both me and Mr [Victor] Ponta have made concessions, we ceded the position of Senate president; Mr Antonescu has to be there to become President of Romania. I have ceded again the deputy prime minister position; I have made lots of concessions, including some unknown, to keep USL working; I see no sign from Mr Antonescu. We all wish to move forward; we're thinking of projects we have undertaken together, things are working, the Government is present, bills are passed; I think we must get back to those things. I don't think that personal ambitions must reflect in political decisions; it seems to me that we're stuck in a personal ambition of a couple of PNL leaders,' Constantin said.AGERPRES


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