ACEA: Dacia motorcar sales in January make most significant progress in Europe

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The sales of Dacia motorcars in January 2014 made the most significant progress in Europe (the EU plus the EFTA) and the market share of the Romanian car manufacturer increased from 2.2 percent to 2.9 percent, according to the statistics of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), which were published in Tuesday.

Dacia motorcar registrations amounted last month to 28,519, up by 38.1 percent from January 2013 (20,648), whereas almost all the important manufacturers saw increases in sales, from 8.2 percent for the Volkswagen Group to 6.9 percent for Peugeot Citroen, to 8.8 percent for Ford, to 1.2 percent for the BMW Group.

The sales of the Renault group grew last month by 13 percent due to the sound demand for its low-cost brand Dacia. The companies Toyota (15.6 percent), Kia (3.1 percent) and Mazda (26.9 percent) saw increases in sales last month.

In 2013, 294.422 Dacia motorcars were registered in the 29 European states, up by 22.8 percent from 2012, when registrations stood at 239,738 motorcars.

The six declining years of motorcar sales in Europe might come to an end in 2014, when a 2 percent progress of passenger vehicle registrations would be obvious, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association said on January 29.

Last year 11.9 million new motorcars were registered in the European Union member states, down by 1.7 percent from 2012. This was the poorest year for the European motorcar market since 2003, when the ACEA started collecting data on this subject. In exchange, in December 2013, motorcar sales grew by 13 percent up to 906,294 cars, the highest monthly increase after December 2009.

Statistics refer to the motorcar markets in 29 European states, of which 26 come from the European Union, but without Malta, and three states participating in the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), namely Ireland, Norway and Switzerland. AGERPRES


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