USL leaders fail to reach agreement on Gov't structure yet

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Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said at the end of a meeting of the governing Social Liberal Union (USL, an alliance of Social Democrats PSD, Liberals PNL and Conservatives PC) that there is not yet an agreement on the Government structure.

'From our viewpoint, from the USL viewpoint there are two alternatives — we either stay with the Government as it is since 2012, as it was voted by Parliament and as of this moment, I am any time waiting for the PNL proposals for vice prime minister, finance minister, interior minister and economy minister or we proceed to massive restructuring, but there is no consensus in the USL for such restructuring and we do not go to Parliament without a consensus', Social Democrat leader Ponta said at the Palace of Parliament.

He insisted that 'if the PC does not agree or the PNL or the PSD do not agree, we will not go to Parliament until there is a consensus'.AGERPRES


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