Antonescu: PNL compact, not breaking up

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National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Crin Antonescu said that PNL is a compact party that does not break up.

"I certainly can inform you that the PNL does not break up, regardless of the discussions between Mr. Tariceanu (Liberal former prime minister) and Mr. Chitoiu (Liberal former finance minister), I don't know if they discussed or not, I hope they hold talks in the evening, at midday, whenever they want, they are two people who have a lot to talk about as regards for example the fiscal policies over the last two years. All the PNL members discuss with other politicians from other parties, they also talk to civilians, the military, not to mention between them,' Antonescu said at the Parliament when asked about a possible PNL break up.

As for the existence of PNL branches no longer supporting him for the party's presidency, Antonescu said he has no information in this regard.

"I know nothing about twenty branches. I know that I was given a vote in the Political Bureau by unanimity or anyway a landslide vote for my current term. As far as the rest is concerned, that sometimes Mr. Tariceanu gives a statement for which Mr. Basescu calls him a leftist and he puts me in the situation to defend him in front of Mr. Basescu or in which Mr. Ponta takes delight by saying ?take the liberty of appointing Mr. Iohannis as finance minister', these are the great joys of our life, but the party's decision is clear," Antonescu said.

The Liberal leader pointed out that PNL is a compact party.

"This is not about being (compact — editor's note) around me. It (PNL — editor's note) is compact and I am its leader. Give up any hope," Antonescu said.AGERPRES


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