Eurobarometer: Over 85 percent of Romanians want to have detailed information of importance of biodiversity

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Most Romanians want to have detailed information of the importance of biodiversity, according to the results of the Eurobarometer titled 'Attitudes to Biodiversity,' which was presented by WWF Romania in a specialist debate on Wednesday.

On the other hand, the decline and loss of species of animals, flora and fauna, habitats and ecosystems are regarded by 53 percent of the Romanian citizens as a very serious problem.

Eighty-six percent of the respondents entirely agree with our prosperity and quality of life depending on nature and biodiversity and when it comes to the concrete measures citizens expect for protecting biodiversity, the Eurobarometer says that 89 percent of the interviewed people want to be better informed of the importance of biodiversity.

Moreover, 85 percent of the Romanians think it is necessary to increase budgets for protecting nature, whereas 74 percent of them want financial rewards (in agriculture, fish breeding etc) for conserving nature.

WWF Romania on Wednesday organized a debate with experts in public policies and conservation of nature on the European funds allocated to the development of the natural capital in 2014-20.

The Ministry of European Funds has recently presented the newest version of the partnership agreement Romania will conclude with the European body.

WWF Romania is an active member on the committee in charge of drawing up this strategic document that indicates the guidelines for Romania's development in 2014-20. AGERPRES


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