Basescu informs Sefcovic about technological and innovation cluster project in Cluj-Napoca

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President Traian Basescu on Monday received Vice President of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration Maros Sefcovic at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, to inform the European official about an initiative that refers to the building of a technological and innovation cluster in areas of excellence in Cluj-Napoca, central Romania.

'The Romanian President, Mr. Traian Basescu informed Mr. Maros Sefcovic about the initiative of building in Cluj-Napoca municipality a technological and innovation cluster in areas of excellence, such as healthcare research, and about the efforts of the local community to obtain European funds for this purpose,' the Presidential Administration informs in a press release.

In their conversation, the two high officials mentioned the priorities of the incumbent European Commission until the expiry of its term in late 2014, with emphasis on the setting up of the Banking Union and discussed the possible outcomes of this year's elections to the European Parliament, the latest economic developments in Romania and the growth prospects for the year, as well as the conclusions of the progress report under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism published on January 22.

'Mr. President Traian Basescu said the possibility of a the new structure of the European Commission being built in a reasonable amount of time is directly related to the establishment of a strong coalition in the European Parliament between the main two political entities to result after this May's elections. A coalition like that is necessary given the new regulations and offices stipulated by the Lisbon Treaty, including the President of the European Council and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, " reads the release.

On Sunday, February 9, in Cluj—Napoca, Traian Basescu said that he will introduce the Cluj Innovation City project to the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso at a meeting scheduled for Friday, in order to obtain financing from EU funds.

The Cluj Innovation City is a project that is set to be developed in four directions, among which the most important is the information technology — given that the information technology field has been developing very fast in Cluj, due to a large number of software developers. The other three directions are energy, environment and healthcare. AGERPRES


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