Book dedicated to Pope Francisc, launched in Bucharest

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Volume "Pope Francisc. Talks with Jorge Bergoglio" by Francesca Ambrogetti and Sergio Rubin, a first person testimony about the events that marked the life of the pontiff recently published by the Publica publishing house, has recently been launched in Bucharest.

Cornel Damian, a Roman-Catholic Bishop in Bucharest, said that the volume dedicated to Pope Francisc represents a modality to search deep into the soul of the Holy Father, who is a model for every one of us since his gesture of humility at his very first meeting with the believers, when he said to those gathered in the Saint Peter's Square "I want to ask you to pray with me."

"We needed to have this kind of model," the Bishop said.

Writer and journalist Emil Hurezeanu believes that "a priest and a Christian are close to the left wing, the same as they are close to the right wing," while also mentioning that "a religion of humanity', such as Christianity, "is more committed to the left wing policies."

"There is always need of a pope, a humble priest," said Hurezeanu, underscoring that "in Christianity, the person and not the personality is important," [...] since the world is full of personalities.

He mentioned that Pope Francisc confessed he is always praying, because, the same as John Paul II lived through a dictatorship, a left-wing one, "which he trampled on, with the help of the angel," the same the current pontiff had to deal with a dictatorship, a right-wing one.

Throughout the 200 pages of the book, translated by Ana-Maria Tamas, Jorge Bergoglio tells about his family traveling to the port of Buenos Aires in 1929, about the circumstances of his birth, about his childhood and about how, after suffering from severe pneumonia, he felt the religious call for the first time.

According to the Publica publishing house, the pontiff talks about his admission to the seminary, his first lectures, his experience as a Professor of psychology and literature until the appearance of the "Bergoglio phenomenon", after John Paul II was anointed cardinal.

Bergoglio accepted to answer with sincerity and courage to the direct and profound questions allowing him to confess his way of thinking,with the lucidity that characterizes him, the abovementioned source also said. AGERPRES


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