Rand Refinery, world's biggest gold supplier, joins Romanian market

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Rand Refinery, the world's main gold supplier, joins the Romanian market, informs a release issued by the company.

Established in 1920, in South Africa, by the Chamber of Mines with the view of refining the gold produced by the national mines, Rand Refinery is currently the largest integrated precious metals smelting and refining complex. Since its inception it has refined almost 50,000 tonnes of pure gold, which represents 30 percent of the total quantity of gold refined in the world since ancient times up to now, reads the release mentioned before.

Rand Refinery has evolved from a producer of semi pure gold (dore, an alloy of gold and silver resulting from the primary refining of the gold ore at the very site of the mine) to an integrated company producing a wide range of finished products, such as cast bars, minted bars, coins, medallions and plancheti, semi-fabricated products for the jewelry manufacturing industry.

Rand Refinery is the only company legally authorized to mint the South-African coin, the Krugerrand, and is the world's only authorized supplier of this coin, which is used as a tender coin all over the world. Rand Refinery is also one of the world's only five gold producing companies accredited by the London Bullion Market Association and the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere, say the representatives of the company.

Besides smelting, refining and minting services, Rand Refinery also offers a wide range of support services, from logistics to vaulting services. This company is a sole agent for its precious metal depositing customers and its international marketing division is in charge of distributing Rand products all over the world. AGERPRES


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