Expo: 'First Romanian Astronomical Expedition. Senegal. Total Solar Eclipse. April 16, 1892'

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The exhibition entitled 'First Romanian Astronomical Expedition. Total Solar Eclipse. April 16, 1893' will be opened on Friday at the headquarters of the Romanian National Library, according to an announcement made by the Special Collections Service of the host institution, reads a release remitted to AGERPRES.

Conceived by the National Library in partnership with the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, the exhibition includes 37 images selected from the 74 existing in the picture album of the international astronomical expedition launched in Senegal, dated back in April 1893.

The maker of the pictures and of the journal-album was Nicolae Coculescu, a direct participant in the extraordinary scientific mission. He also annotated the tabs of the album with various notes or precious explanations about the moments that were caught by the camera, images appearing thus still full of life and colour more than 150 years after the first Romanian participation in a scientific mission and in such important astronomical mission.

The exhibition is intended as homage paid to the Romanian research field in general, to the astronomical research field in special, and also to the extraordinary personalities who founded it.

Nicolae Coculescu was the founder of the first Astronomical Observer in Romania.

Professor and Dean, Rector of the faculty of Sciences at the University of Bucharest, Coculescu was a founding member and President of the Romanian National Committee for Astronomy and also a founding member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists and a member of the Societe Astronomique de France and of the International Astronomical Union. AGERPRES


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