Brain Institute's stated mission is to perform nationwide one-off neurosurgical interventions

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Brain Institute, Romania's first private nonprofit medical institution, brings under one roof some of the best neurosurgery specialists and has the stated goal of delivering interventions that are unique in Romania and which other hospitals in the country are unable to perform.

Brain Institute Executive Director, Dr. Ionut Patrahau, said on Thursday that this project makes him feel like "the manager of angels."

Brain Institute brings together some of the most seasoned specialists in Romanian modern neurosurgery, in each of the specialty's branches: spinal, cranial surgery and neuroanesthesiology. The main objective of the facility is to perform surgeries that are one-of-a-kind in Romania. Individual experience and the doctors' professional results arise both from top-notch medical education and the large number of patients treated so far. In Romania, some rare conditions can be treated only at the Brain Institute.

Doctors Sergiu Stoica and Stefan Mindea joined Ionut Patrahau in this project.

The founders of Brain Institute want to capitalize on the experience gained abroad to bring high-performing neurosurgery to Romania.

"We don't want to wait 20 years for the US patient care model to land in Romania too," Patrahau told a press conference, adding that at the Brain Institute the medical act is focused on the patient's condition and is not split into ward-related distinct procedures.

"We have an electronic file and a protocol to follow. We are assigned to the patient's conditions," he added.

Doctor Sergiu Stoica comes with a broad study and practice background in vascular and tumor neurosurgery accumulated in famous academic centres in France (the 'Henri Poincare' University of Nancy) and Canada (the 'Notre Dame' University Hospital in Montreal). Back in Romania, Sergiu Stoica set the foundation of and coordinated the neurosurgery departments of the M.S. Curie Hospital, and then of the Euroclinic Hospital. In 2013 he was awarded the "Medic by Profession in Romania" prize at the Medica 2013 Gala.

Sergiu Stoica said that he returned to Romania after completing his studies abroad, because he wanted to make a change in the medical system he had departed from.

Stefan Mindea, MD, PhD, complements the knowledge and skills of his colleague, specializing in minimally invasive spine neurosurgery; he brings the experience gained in the United States, as head of the spinal neurosurgery department of Stanford Hospital and Clinics, and as a professor of minimally invasive spinal surgery at the same institution.

For five consecutive years (2009-2012), Dr. Stefan Mindea has been in the Top 5 best surgeons of the Stanford University. The Brain Institute Director said that Stefan Mindea waited for six months to have his US medical degree equated in Romania but that this still hasn't happened yet.

The Brain Institute is headquartered in the Bucharest Monza Hospital which made all the necessary logistics available to the specialists — analyses, personnel and equipment.

The doctors stress that these are minimally invasive procedures, with the patients requiring an average of two days and a half until discharge after intervention. The fees for such interventions are, according to the doctors involved in the project, three times lower than abroad. Thus, the cheapest intervention at the Brain Institute costs RON 9,500 (a spinal intervention), while the removal of various tumors can cost 27,000 RON and the most expensive is the brain aneurysm surgery — RON 40,000.

The Brain Institute works in the nonprofit system. Moreover, according to the policy of the founders of the Monza Hospital, a part of the profit is reinvested every year in the development of the institution. Investments in the Monza Hospital so far amount to 40 million euros, and reinvestments this year stand around 300,000 euros, said Luca Militello, Monza Hospital General Manager.

One of the objectives of the Brain Institute is to keep doctors in the country and to provide them a satisfactory education. The Brain Institute team includes doctors from various specialties like Dr. Anca Visan, Chief consultant in neurosurgery anaesthesia; Dr. Bogdan Mocanu, ENT Chief consultant (together with Dr. Sergiu Stoica, he performs transnasal surgery of pituitary adenomas).

The team is completed by three young neurosurgeons who specialized in France: doctor Mihai Craciun, doctor Ionut Gobej and doctor Dorin Bica.AGERPRES

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