A first in Romania: 'Ovidiu' Green Trail, a budding protected urban biodiversity project

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The city of Oradea (rd 583 km northwest of Bucharest) will soon be boasting Romania's first protected urban biodiversity area, stretching on the banks of the thermal stream Peta; the city's green retrofitting will be done out under a partnership agreement city mayor Ilie Bolojan has signed with three non-governmental organizations, the Oradea City Hall announced.

City Hall spokesperson Anca Sas told AGERPRES that the protected area will be about three kilometers long, following the creek that has a bike trail running along its banks and that will seamlessly connect with the city bicycle route that is also about to come into being.

"This is the first agreement of this kind in Romania, there are just a few similar such arrangements at European level," said Anca Sas.

Oradea's 'Ovidiu' Green Trail project covers the banks of the thermal creek Peta, also dubbed "the no-freeze stream", on a length of 3 km, and the built bicycle track. The river banks will be lined with 500 trees and 200 shrubs, and at least 100 roost boxes and bird feeders will be built and set in place for various bird species, some of which protected by law, such as the red-footed falcon or owls. At least 20 species of bee-happy flowers will embellish the landscape and the riverbed will be cleaned.

The goal of the project is to create a model of urban green area designed for recreation and bicycle and pedestrian tourism, but also to restore specific habitats. There is also an educational role of the area that will serve as site for the involved organizations to conduct, in cooperation with other NGOs, schools, highschools and the University of Oradea, various training and research activities.

"The Oradea City Hall and its partners — the 'Life Youth' Foundation, the 'Ecotop Oradea' Foundation and the 'Learning Communities' Association — want the 'Ovidiu' Green Trail to become a model of urban green project other municipalities can also replicate," reads the press release.

The agreement lasts until June 30, 2016 and landscaping works should be completed until this summer.AGERPRES


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