MUSEUMS OF ROMANIA: Ioan Gui Confectionery Museum of Arad

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Ioan Gui Confectionery Museum, the only one of its kind in Romania was opened in Arad (550 km North-West of the capital) in 2006.

The Museum, a genuine premiere for Romania, is the result of the efforts made by Arad-based confectioner Ioan Gui, who has been practising the trade for more than 40 years and who wished to set up the museum in the memory of the great inter-war Arad master confectioners. Arad was one of the biggest sweets-and-candy making centres of Europe as early as in 1800. The Romanian chocolate artists were the ones preferred at the Vienna imperial court, so the Romanian sweets were the top choice of the crowned heads. The inter-war Arad boasted around 17 confectionery masters, among whom Konizdofler, Drifi, Suciu, Malka, Klementz, Ramniceanu, Orban.

The Museum displays over 500 exhibits, among which an ice cream making machine operated by hand, a machine for making marzipan and chocolate, a machine for grinding poppy seeds that is more than a century old. At that time, ice for ice cream was taken from the river in winter, put in the candy stores cells on hay and was taken out in spring to make ice cream.

Other outstanding exhibits include a candy-making machine built in around 1920 and a driving-belt machine for grinding sugar. The visitors can also admire marble tables used to process boiled sugar, over 60 types of fudge sweets, various moulds to make ginger bread and chocolate as well as photographs and documents. Last but not least, the Museum holds specialised books, some of them unique in Romania, recipes, diplomas and medals won by the Arad confectioners over time.

Sweet drops, marzipan roses, little chocolate boots and nut-filled piglets are but some of the delicacies displayed by the Museum.AGERPRES


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