Snowboard: Santiago Freinademetz wins his first competition at Paltinis

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Santiago, 13, the son of the former world snowboarding champion Martin Freinademetz, on Saturday afternoon won his first competition, Arena Platos Freestyle Open, in the opening stage of the National Snowboarding Championship, which was held in the fun park of the Arena Platos ski complex at Paltinis, Sibiu County (central Romania), according to the organizers.

'Yes, it is the first time he has won the first place, in one of the stages,' confirmed Bogdan Brylynski, the man in charge of communication of the competition, to Agerpres on Sunday morning.

In the Snowboard Groms (boys, under 14), Santiago Freinademetz came first, followed by Victor Barbulescu and Matteo Spagli.

The first three competitors to win the Snowboard Rookies are Zsolt Sogor, Andrei Mares and Tudor Pascu.

In grownups' snowboarding the first three are Adolf Gherghelan, Alex Parvan and George Mosutiu.

Girls too took part in the snowboarding competition at Paltinis. In Snowboard Rookies the first three winners were Ruxandra Brad, Ela Suciu and Laura Dragan. Ela Zegrean is the only competitor in Grownups' Snowboarding.

The Snowboarding competition was doubled by a skiing one, in which only boys participate. David Braun was the winner of the Groms and Vasile Daniel, of the Rookies. In grownups' skiing first came Paul Alexandru Les, followed by Koppany Pop and Akos Kovacs.

The Arena Platos Freestyle Open is the first stage of the National Freestyle Championship, an event that is on the agenda of the World Snowboarding Federation and is worth one TTR point in the international rankings. The above-mentioned event is organized by the Association of Romanian Snowboarding Practitioners and consists of three stages. The first of them will take place at Arena Platos, the second one at Madaras, Harghita County (central Romania) and the third one most probably at Cavnic (northern Romania). The Arena Platos Fun Park was arranged for the competition in six different platforms along more than 500 metres.

The Arena Platos complex at Paltinis, Sibiu County, was built in 2010 and is owned by Austrian Martin Freinademetz. Being 12-time Austria's national champion, two-time world champion, five-time European champion and having the title of the year's Alpine Snowboarder, this is the snowboarding record of Martin Freinedemetz, the man who is also the promoter of Red Bull Romaniacs, the world's most difficult hard enduro rally, which is held in Romania every year.AGERPRES


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