Hidroelectrica sells three micro-hydropower plants for 2.5 million euros

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Hidroelectrica sold, at the tender organised on the days of January 23 and 24 this year, three micro-hydropower plants for 2.5 million euros, energy producer representatives told Agerpres.

'The selling process of the micro-hydropower plants held by Hidroelectrica SA continued with a new public outcry tender, carried out on the days of January 23 and 24, within which two asset packages were sold, at a total value of 11,236,500 lei (about 2.5 million euros). For the package grouping micro-power plants Capra 2 and Capra 3, Neamt County [eastern Romania], the winning bidder is ThreePharm SRL of Tg Mures and for micro-power plant Barnar, Suceava County, the winning bidder is Idroenergia SRL Italian company,' Hidroelectrica representatives pointed out.

At the end of November, the Hidroelectrica General Meeting of Shareholders approved the second stage of the strategy of capitalising some small hydropower plants.

Therefore, other 14 micro-hydropower plants grouped in 7 asset packages will be put up for sale, the total starting price of the tenders standing at 46.2 million lei (about 10.4 million euros).

In the first stage, at the tender in June 2013, Hidroelectrica sold for 46.8 million lei (about 10.5 million euros), 14 micro-hydropower plants with an installed power of 9.4 MW.

Hidroelectrica is the largest and cheapest electricity producer in Romania.AGERPRES


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