Trails in Sureanu and Arieseni perfect for skiing and snowboarding

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The packed snow layer in the Sureanu Ski Area of Sebes Mountains (central Romania) and in Arieseni (Apuseni Mountains, west) are 40 and 30 centimeters deep, respectively, being perfectly fit for skiing and snowboarding, Counsellor Radu Tileaga of the Tourist Service of Alba County Council declared.

'In Sureanu, the ski season goes on in excellent condition. Snowfalls were sufficient, and the snow layer is more than fit for skiing on trails and outside them,' Tileaga said.

Seven of the existing nine trails will be open this weekend.

According to weather forecasts, there will be no more snowfalls in Sureanu through the weekend, and temperatures well be below zero, namely between—12 and—5 Celsius, keeping the snow layer in excellent conditions. The ski lift facilities — Curmatura ski tow and Ausel chairlift — will operate normally, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The Sureanu ski tow is off.

Access to the Sureanu Ski Area, one of the highest in Romania, at more than 2,000 meters of altitude, in southern Alba County (northwest of Bucharest) is possible following the National Road DN67C from Sebes through Sugag and Oasa Lake, then a County Road, for a 82 kilometers trip feasible in two hours. The 18-kilometer road between Oasa Lake and Sureanu Ski Area has been cleared of snow and is in very good condition, only exceptional blocks on steep slopes requiring snow chains, Radu Tileaga mentioned.

The Sureanu Ski Area is one of the widest in Romania, with more than ten kilometers of trails.

Snowfalls during the last days also relaunched the ski season in Arieseni, on the border between Alba and Bihor counties (western Romania), where the snow layer is sufficient. Tourists are welcome on all the three ski trails — Vartop 1 and 2 in Alba County, and Piatra Graitoare (Talking Rock) in Bihor County, totalling three kilometers at a maximum altitude of 1,400 meters.

Weather forecast is good for Arieseni for this weekend, with temperatures between—10 and—2 Celsius. All the three ski tows are operating.

Mountain rescue is provided in both areas at the bottom of the trails; skiing and snowboarding lessons and equipment rentals are offered.

Arieseni is located 120 km from Alba Iulia, capital of Alba County, following National Roads DN74A and DN75; the trip takes approximately two and a half hours.AGERPRES


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