President Basescu: State institutions no longer play with corrupt politicians

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President Traian Basescu on Friday said that the Romanian state institutions started to fight against corruption bluntly, pointing out that they no longer "played" with corrupt politicians.

"I saw often misfortunate statements, saying 'corruption in Romania is systemic,' 'corruption in Romania is endemic.' I contradict these assertions. I want you to know that the institutions of the Romanian state began to fight with no holds barred with corruption and it is a satisfaction of my mandate that I managed to keep justice away from political influence through the capacities which an elected president has," Traian Basescu said in Berlin, at the federal press conference with the journalists accredited to the German Parliament (Bundestag).

He said that the President of Romania had similar attributions as the President of France, slightly more reduced in some areas, but that the President was directly elected, which allowed him to protect justice from political influence.

"I'll give you some figures that were strengthened even through final decisions yesterday. At the moment, in Romania seven ministers have been convicted, with final sentences. Also, 18 members of Parliament have been convicted. At the same time, other five ministers and other about 20 lawmakers have already received a conviction in a first trial. The State Institutions no longer play with corrupt politicians," said the head of state.

President Basescu underlined that isolating justice from the influence of politicians was an accomplishment.

"This period during which we managed the isolation of justice from political influence made the judges, prosecutors in Romania not have complexes in front of the politicians, which is an accomplishment. And I think these actions of the Romanian courts will convince the politicians, if not out of education, at least out of fear, that the time when they managed the national wealth through the nature of their positions, which they often used in their own advantage, is long gone in Romania," he said.

The Head of State noted that Romania still had enough things to do in regards with fight against corruption, but expressed confidence that our country was on the right path.

President Traian Basescu on Friday is paying a working visit to Germany. AGERPRES


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