2014 Winter Olympics: Iulian Patea - I have never thought I'll participate in Olympics

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Ski jumper Iulian Patea from Rasnov (central Brasov County), who will participate in the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (February, 7 to 23, 2014), told a press conference that since he started doing this sport he has never thought that he will take part in winter Olympics.

"You can tell that I am excited. I have been working since the age of 10, so for six years, and now I have the opportunity to participate in such a competition. I have never thought that I will be able to participate in the winter Olympics, maybe because I was very small and did not know about the Olympics. It is a springboard for me and I am enthusiastic about meeting lots of people, I will make many acquaintances and that means very much for me," said Iulian Patea.

Asked whether he has set a goal for the Olympics in Sochi, Patea said that his goal was to reach the Olympics "and due to that I am and very relaxed, I have no pressure, and if I perform my best jump I will surely reach the first round."

"I have no pressure and that means to me a new world, which will help me in the future. I am very sorry that my colleague Torok Eduard has not reached the Olympics and that is why I would not want to disappoint him or you. In the 2018 Olympics I certainly will not so relaxed because I will have then a much bigger goal," added Iulian Patea, who will turn 17 in September.

The coach of Romania's ski jumping team, Florin Spulber told the same press conference that Iulian Patea's participation in the Olympics in Sochi is a confirmation of the investments made in recent years in the sport, of the training programme and the very good competition programme.

"I have one more hope and motivation to further work in this project. As he has proven through this qualification, Iulian Patea is able physically and technically to perform very good jumps. He stands chances to qualify in the competition, but there is no pressure. We want to prove now that our qualification for the Winter Olympics is not accidental, that our technical level is good. We want to participate in the next Olympics with the team, and there we will go with the goal of getting in the top 10 nations and thus meeting our major goal," underscored Florin Spulber.AGERPRES


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