Government approves setting up of Department for Emergency Situations

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The Government in its Wednesday meeting adopted an emergency ordinance on setting up the Department for Emergency Situations as part of the Ministry of the Interior, informs a release the Government sent to Agerpres.

'We have a norm-setting document through which we improve the coordinating system in emergency situations as part of the Ministry of the Interior. We shall build the department for intervention in emergency situations, a department that will surely coordinate ISU [the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations], the General Aviation Inspectorate, but also the operative coordination of the Ambulance, the accident and emergency departments. Therefore, what clearly and practically it coordinates from the very beginning when we have emergency situations. The department will be headed by a secretary of state and obviously I think that today the most suitable person is Mr Arafat, whom I am going to appoint this very day,' said Premier Victor Ponta at the beginning of the Government meeting.

Doctor Raed Arafat was appointed head of the Department for Emergency Situations. Thus he becomes Secretary of State with the Ministry of the Interior.

Besides this department another two national committees were founded, one for bad weather and calamities and an international one for special emergency situations.

Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea told the Government meeting that the two committees took over the tasks of the current committee for emergency situations. AGERPRES


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