Eugen Tomac: People's Movement Party has legally been registered

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The People's Movement Party (PMP) was registered as a political party on Wednesday. Chairman of the group Eugen Tomac said that PMP would get consolidated on the right-of-centre wing of the Romanian political stage, a party of the middle class.

'Today, more than six months after submitting the documents to the Court for legally registering it as a political party, the Court of Appeal of Bucharest rejected the appeals against the ruling on registering PMP. Consequently, the ruling of the Court is final and irrevocable. The day of January 29, 2014 will go down in history as the birthdate of the People's Movement Party! Starting today, PMP is officially a political party and begins a new stage, its consolidation and development as a right-of-centre party on Romania's political stage,' a release sent to Agerpres quotes Eugen Tomac as saying.

The PMP chairman also calls on 'all well-meaning, industrious and honest Romanians' to join his political group 'in our struggle as a party of the middle class, at the service of the common good.'

'We are asserting ourselves again as being a different kind of party, which plans another political culture as an alternative to the current lack of vision in political life,' adds Tomac. AGERPRES


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