National vehicle production, up 21.7%, in 2013

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Romania's national vehicle production recorded in 2013 a volume of 410,997 units, on the rise by 21.7% from the same period in 2012, according to the Association of Car Makers and Importers of Romania /APIA/.

The APIA President Ernest Virgil Popovici explained in a Tuesday's a press conference that this significant increase in the local production was due mainly to the car output, which recorded a 25.8% growth, equivalent to a volume of 410,959 units.

In absolute figures, compared to 2012, by as many as 73,232 more vehicles were made last year.

The highest volumes were recorded by Dacia Duster (123,213 units), followed by Dacia Sandero (119,228 units), Logan (84,050 units) and Ford B-Max (68,339 units).

As far as the sales of used cars go, the APIA data show that over 266,000 units were sold in 2013, of which 221,800 cars, up by 27% from the same period a year earlier.

Basically, those figures show that for every new vehicle (car + commercial vehicle) sold, other 3.8 used ones were brought to Romania.

According to the APIA, as many as 362,869 cars were exported, by 9.6% more from 2012. The increase was due exclusively to cars, which recorded a plus of 13.1%.

The best-exported model was Dacia Duster (118,901 units), followed by Sandero (114, 102 units), Ford B-Max (68,353) and Logan (43,373).

The vehicle exports accounted for 88% of the national production in 2013.AGERPRES


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