Minister Nita: Romania can play important role in providing electric energy to Southeast Europe

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Romania should play an important role in Southeastern Europe as an electric energy provider, considering that, following the shutting down of various plants and big production units, the system records an energy surplus, Minister-delegate for Energy Constantin Nita said in Cluj-Napoca (northwestern Romania) on Monday.

"We have a surplus of electric energy because of the fact that both the industrial consumption and the household consumption in Romania have been falling down. There is the need for Romania to play an important role in providing electric energy to this region. It would be a shame if Romania did not play an important role in producing and selling electricity to this region of the world. Romania's resources enable our country to play maybe the most important role in Southeast Europe," Constantin Nita said.

The minister also said that Romania has the capacity to export electric energy and he requested electric power companies to sell as much as possible, providing interconnection is ensured.

"Romania can sell electric energy to Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova, but in small quantities, as it does not have the necessary lines to export bigger quantities. Our price is competitive," Nita pointed out.

The minister explained that the new energy strategy, available on the ministry's website, shows that there is the need to shift focus on the market and search for opportunities to sell the energy produced in Romania, considering that the economic growth will go steady at 2 percent per year.AGERPRES


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