Zgonea: Minister Timmermans's visit fosters dialogue with one of most important European states

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The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Valeriu Zgonea declared that the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Frans Timmermans fosters Romania's dialogue with one of the most important European states.

'I appreciate the presence of the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands in Romania to foster the dialogue with one of the most important European states. We have a great dialogue at European Parliament, European Commission, and Government levels. The President of the Dutch Senate visited Romania for the first time last year; [Romanian Senate Chairman] Mr. Antonescu will go to the Netherlands this year. I explained to the minister that no official visit was paid at Chamber of Deputies level during the last 17 years,' Zgonea said after meeting the Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans.

As regards the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), Zgonea mentioned that it has guidelines for the Government, not for the Parliament, and also some recommendations which in his opinion are fewer than in 2013 and show a positive trend of the approach.

'We have met all the technical criteria; there are no political criteria. We are looking forward to our European colleagues accepting to consider Romania and Bulgaria fit. These were somehow more difficult years from the political point of view in Europe, that is the reason for the lack of consensus on the acceptance of Romania and Bulgaria [in the Schengen Area],' Zgonea added.AGERPRES


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