Prime Minister Ponta says over 9,000 people ready to step in to assist locals

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More than 9,000 policemen, gendarmes, workers with the National Romanian Motorways and Highways Company (CNANDR), the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) and the National Defence Ministry are ready to step in to assist the population, Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced at the Winter Task Force meeting on Sunday.

'The entire week, according to the specialists' information, will be difficult in terms of the weather, although tomorrow and the day after tomorrow such phenomena will recede. The Code Red alert will probably lifted tonight, but special situations are again announced for Wednesday and Thursday, which means we cannot breathe a sigh of relief tomorrow, but we must keep the mustered forces for the entire week. There are over 9,000 persons on site at this moment. I am speaking of policemen, gendarmes, ISU and CNADNR staff and the National Defence Ministry forces. Over 9,000 people are ready to step in from now on too, with 2,500 pieces of machinery on site', Ponta explained.

The premier added that, depending on how the weather develops, it will be decided if classes are suspended.

'I want to thank the people who have understood it is a special situation. I once again call on the citizens to cut their travels to the hit areas to a minimum. We keep the complete mustered forces because the entire next week, according to the specialists, will be difficult in terms of the bad weather. There is the special activity of the intervention services, the Ambulance Service, the Fire Brigade and the Mobile Emergency Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD). When we do not have the required technical possibilities, we call on the army to help', Ponta underscored.AGERPRES


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