Ponta on Principalities Union Day: Today we must be aware of our force as a people

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On January 24 the Government states again the message of unity and solidarity the Romanians conveyed 155 years ago, when the political leaders of that time decided that the national interest and the people's destiny were above any selfish ambitions or private interests, reads the message of Premier Victor Ponta.

'The Romanians everywhere are proudly stating today their values and origins and feting people who laid the foundations of our national construction. The election of Alexandru Ioan Cuza as ruler of Moldavia and Walachia will be an important day in the history and identity of the Romanian people and its celebration makes one think of the determination and ambition of some broad-minded leaders to unite and mobilize the society around some ideals and some common projects. Today, more than ever before, we must be aware of our force as a people and find again our hope that we can be alive by living in a better, more united and more prosperous society,' says the Premier in his message.

The Union of the Romanian Principalities of January 24, 1859 is regarded as the first important step on the road to creating the Romanian unitary nation-state. After Alexandru Ioan Cuza was unanimously elected ruler of Moldavia on January 5/17, 1859, he is also elected ruler of Walachia on January 24/February 5, 1859. AGERPRES


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