Anti-rheumatic treatments, beauty products from Lake Techirghiol water and mud

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Oana Stan, a Master in International Marketing with the Regent's University London, is aiming to establish in her native Techirghiol town & resort laying on the Black Sea coast a true spa, by capitalizing the therapeutic effects of the mud and saline water of the same name lake.

As she has told Agerpres, in an exclusive release, Oana Stan says the idea of a business consisting of beauty products and anti-rheumatic treatments based on the capitalization of the Lake Techirghiol mineral resources came naturally when she had to choose an impact theme for her license diploma at the Regent's University London.

'A range of anti-rheumatic treatments and beauty based on the lake's mineral resources, meaning the sapropelic mud and the saline and iodine water with over 90 g/l mineralization, unique all over the world through their texture and therapeutic qualities. I knew that 50 years ago, also in Romania, such a successful recipe had been experimented, licensed and put into practice. It is about the well-known PellAmar of Dr. Calinesti, obtained from the saline water and mud of Balta Alba (Lake Amara, southeastern county of Ialomita), which was curing my grandmother's bone aches and the name I used to find in my bathroom written on the toothpaste', Oana Stan says.

The theme of the license diploma based on the case study 'TECHIR, an analysis of the difference of perceptions and expectations between management and potential buyers', was proposing the development and trading of a range of beauty products and anti-rheumatic treatment. The success, from the technical point of view, was the one wanted, in the London-based university environment, the Romanian student being assured that her work could stay at the grounds of a real project development.

'Fact is that in that period, in 2012, the town of Techirghiol was co-opted in a continental organization of great tradition and notoriety — The European Historic Thermal Towns' Association (EHTTA). Returning home on my summer holiday I understood that that could be the opportunity to found my ideas sketched at my Master studies. It was a miracle growing under my very eyes since through this new institutional relationship I learned that all those 28 resorts, among which Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden, in Germany, Bath, in England, Budapest, in Hungary, Bursa, in Turkey, Evian les Bains and Vichy, in France or Karlovy Vary, in The Czech Republic, are promoted like Spa trade brands through beauty products and anti-rheumatic treatments, with a geographic denomination', says Oana.

Opposite to her generation's trend, Oana Stan, at the end of her studies abroad is figuring a future at home and is crayoning a business strategy to make the leap from idea to reality, on the very premises of Lake Techirghiol.

'Through the cooperation between our town and the other European resort towns, I've identified similar patterns to be applied here. A surprise occurred from the representatives of the Salsomaggiore Therme Pharmaceutical Laboratories from the same name town in Italy sister-town with Techirghiol who, at the end of a scientific seminary organized at the Techirghiol spa sanatorium and seeing my preoccupation offered their support to help me develop my own recipes based on the mud and saline water from Lake Techirghiol'.

After one year and a half of research, thorough studies and testing, the Italian biologists and chemists completed a full range of eight cosmetic and anti-rheumatic products under the TECHIR license, registered mark and already approved by Oana Stan, in Romania, and authorized by the Health Ministry.

The slogan the young woman decided to produce and trade these products under was induced by the very happening through which she had come to this successful circumstance: 'Miracle comes to you!', and the logo, simple — the silhouette of the donkey from the Turk Techir's legend which regained its powers after spending a night pampered in the therapeutic mud of the lake.

Towards the end of the summer of 2013, her dream became true and the TECHIR — Skincare Face & Body brand, as it had to bear a pompous English name as well, was looking for a production line.

'Our laboratory lies in a house, near the lake. My mother said it could start as a family business and from what I had learned in the higher school I realized that she was right. Based on the recipes created in Italy, tested and certified in Romania, I ordered the perfume to a very known French producer, and the basic, ingredient cream was as well approved in the 'Expressions Parfumees' laboratories in France. The wrapping, personalized, were ordered in China. In July — August 2013 my friend and high-school colleague Adriana Cornea, a Polytechnic engineer, joined me, next to the great alchemist, young engineer Constantin Dicu, a Techirghiol born just like me. The production line is almost empiric, with pots, Berzelius beakers and lab retorts, a semi-automatic bottling and dosage equipment, pharmaceutical scales, a storage and a refrigerated space. That's it! The salt water and the sapropelic mud, the basic ingredients, are provided by the Techirghiol Resort Sanatorium, the only unit of the kind with an exploiting license of the two resources. Otherwise, the recipes created in Italy do turn into creams and ointments, through proper mixtures and combinations, with natural adjuvants and dermo-repairing, anti-oxidant and re-mineralizing ingredients, under the strict supervision of our chemist', says the now-manager Oana Stan.

TECHIR — Skincare Face & Body currently produces and sells through the ByaPlant natural and online shops, on the, three products: a hand cream, a face cream and an anti-rheumatic ointment. The producer says it works to a platform of its own for online distribution and that gradually it will launch into production the other five components of the brand for the dermatological and body treatment and care, the anti-cellulite products and even bathing products as well.

The town of Techirghiol was recognized as a resort in 1899 based on the benefits brought by the proximity of the lake — a river and sea shore on the Black Sea coast, the largest saline lake of Romania, 7,500 m long, 9 m in-depth, over 90 g/l saltiness and a total mineralization of 52 g / l.

The thermal water, saline and sulfur, is rich in mineral salts, strongly hypertonic. Since it is so concentrated, the water could be used only externally, for cold and warm baths. The Lake Techirghiol water consists of: Chlorine, Bromine, Sulfate, Iodine bicarbonate, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, organic substances and micro-elements, such as: Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Titanium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Chromium.

The black, shiny, unctuous mud has a special smell, sulphurous and iodinated and it is unique from all points of view. It is a substance with a complex chemical texture, formed after a very long biological process called peloidogenesis.

According to researchers, the Techirghiol sapropelic mud has a quantitative and qualitative mineralization that ranks it in front of the world sapropelic muds.AGERPRES


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