Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea takes over as acting Minister of the Interior

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced at the Victoria Palace of Government that he received the resignation of Liberal Minister of the Interior Radu Stroe.

Ponta said that Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea is the acting appointment for this office which he will hold until somewhere around February 1, when the National Liberal Party will make a new nomination for head of the Ministry of the Interior.* * *

Gabriel Oprea, executive president of the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR), was born January 1, 1961 in the community Fundulea, Calarasi County.

After graduating from the Active Officers' Military School in Sibiu as intendant, he attended the Law Faculty of Bucharest University over 1980-1983. He earned a PhD in Law at the Bucharest University. He was an officer on administrative and economic affairs between 1983 — 1990 and military law officer as of 1990.

Since 2000 he held the position of Secretary of state, president of the National Administration of State Reserves; deputy chairman with the National Defence College; vice-president of the National Defence College Foundation. He has filled the position of Professor with the National Defence College since 2001.

He was a Social Democratic Party (PSD) member since 2003 and in 2004 he was elected president of the PSD Ilfov branch, thus joining the PSD Steering Board.

Over June 19, 2003 — July 14, 2004 he was Minister-delegate for Public administration — Ministry of the Interior.

He successively held the position of Bucharest prefect between 2002-2003, State secretary and president of the National Administration of State Reserves between 2001-2002.

Since 2004, he is a deputy of Ilfov, representing PSD. His mandate was renewed on Nov. 30, 2008, by winning 50 percent of votes. In the parliamentary election held on Dec. 9, 2012, he obtained a seat of Senator in Bucharest College 3.

He was Minister of Defence between Dec. 2008 — Jan. 2009, and Dec. 2009 — May 2012.

As of May 1, 2010, Gabriel Oprea is the chairman of the National Union for Romania's Progress.

As of Dec. 21, 2012 Oprea is first Vice-Premier in the Ponta II Cabinet.AGERPRES


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