Radu Stroe hands in his resignation as Interior Minister

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Liberal Radu Stroe handed in his resignation as Minister of the Interior, stating that it will be "very soon" proved that the obligations and responsibilities for handling the Cluj aviation accident fall on other institutions of the state and not on the Ministry of the Interior and the General Emergency Inspectorate (IGSU).

Stroe said his resignation should be "a normal action in a democratic country."

"I decided to tender my resignation in sign of honour and to defend the dignity of the IGSU firefighters who have faced false accusations. They are the heroes who saved and will continue to save people's lives, alongside police officers and gendarmes. (...) The irony of fate, for them and for the interior ministry staff, is that it will be very soon proved that the obligations and responsibilities for alerting, devising the search and rescue plan, localizing the aircraft wreck and the survivors fall on other institutions of the state and not on the Interior Ministry or the General Emergency Inspectorate," Stroe told a press conference.

He underscored that this was his position as early as since the night of the aviation accident, because, in his opinion "these lifesavers don't have to suffer because of political decision-makers," considering that "five people have been rescued in the Apuseni crash."

"I want to offer my sincere apologies to all those whom I left the impression that I am cold-hearted, because of my unfortunate statements, but not ill-intentioned. I thank all the people who helped me, but also those who criticized me," Stroe also said.AGERPRES


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