Cluj aviation accident: Two dead - pilot and resident doctor; five injured taken to hospital

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Pilot Adrian Iovan and a resident doctor died on Monday, January 20, in the evening, following the aviation accident that occurred in a mountain place in Cluj County (central-western Romania).

The BN2-type aircraft belonging to the Romanian Aviation Academy, with five passengers on board, the pilot and the co-pilot, was carrying a medical team from Fundeni Clinical Institute and Elias Hospital of Bucharest to Oradea (western Romania), where the doctors were going to participate in an organ removal procedure for transplant.

In Cluj County, Belis area, the plane crashed after various problems occurred on board, data also confirmed by Romatsa Cluj Director Gelu Suliteanu.

ISU Cluj Spokesman Andrei Biris on Monday told Agerpres that around 16,30 hours, there was a call on the 112 emergency number from a person announcing the plane crash with seven persons on board.

A helicopter having taken off from Targu-Mures (central Romania) and heading to the place of the crash to take over the injured had to turn back because of the adverse weather conditions.

In the meantime, on Monday evening tens of firemen rescuers from Alba, Cluj, Bihor and Mures mobilized to set off to the place of the accident and to grant the first aid to the victims. The difficulty occurred, though, because neither the firemen nor the mountain rescuers managed to exactly identify the place where the tragedy occurred.

The searches conducted by firemen, mountain rescuers, policemen, forest rangers, lasted more than six hours. The news that the injured had been found came on Monday night from a forest ranger who knew the area and finally managed to get to the spot. He reported the authorities that the aircraft was in the Petreasa Crest area.

The ambulance doctors immediately came to the place of the tragedy.

On the spot, they found the death of pilot Adrian Iovan, who remained trapped in the remains of the wreck and, later, after several reanimation manoeuvres, the death of a woman, resident doctor, who was on board of the crashed airplane.

Alba Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) Spokesperson, Sergeant Alina Balas, told Agerpres that the other five injured were carried by the rescuers down to an area where they could be taken over with four-wheel drive cars and later taken by ambulances to a hospital in Cluj Napoca.

A team of the National Forensic Institute also went on spot to initiate an investigation clarifying the context in which the incident occurred, the Romanian Police informed. AGERPRES

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