Almonds and apricots blooming in south-eastern Romania

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In villages on Istrita hill of Buzau County (south-eastern Romania), at altitudes between 400 and 500 meters, almonds and small fruit apricot cultivars are blooming; experts say, however, that the phenomenon is within still normal parameters.

'The phenomenon has occurred in the hills area, in the Breaza rural town, and also at the bottom of the hills. Due to high temperatures, the fruit trees have broken dormancy; now if freezing below minus 10 Celsius occurs, there is a danger of some of the blossoms freezing , in a percentage depending on the species,' the manager of the Fruit Research Farm of Istrita Petre Grivu told AGERPRES.

'There is a real danger, if high temperatures persist, that blossoming buds freeze; but if 30% of the blossoming buds put forth normally, it will be enough for an average harvest,' he added.

The most sensitive species to freezing at the end of winter are almonds, apricots, and peaches.AGERPRES


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