Premier asks Ministers to set new economic growth targets for 2014

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday urged the Ministers to set new economic growth targets for 2014, arguing in the government sitting that data available so far suggest that 2013 has been the best economic year, at least after 2008.

"For this year, apart from elections and the referendum, I want to ask you all to prepare growth targets and further reduction targets as well; we have the lowest deficit, much to the satisfaction of the Minister of the Budget, let us set the milestones for the concrete projects you have underway. What we have done, the people know, we tell them, but what we plan to do is equally important," said the Premier.

Ponta added that available data show that last year was the best in economic terms after 2008.

"I want to tell all the Ministers once again — so that you convey this message further, because others won't rush to praise you — that as data emerge from the final processing stage, we get the confirmation that 2013 was probably the best economic year after 2008, with the highest GDP, and the lowest inflation rate. About the inflation rate, exporters would say it's too small, but what is important is that, for sure, an inflation rate of 1.6% in 2013 is much less than what we succeeded to increase in incomes, particularly for pensioners and other categories. The agricultural year was definitely one of the best, and after 20 years our food imports no longer exceed exports," the Premier said. AGERPRES


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