Eugen Simion: In a globalizing world, culture differentiates us. We must pay attention!

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The former President of the Romanian Academy Eugen Simion highlighted the importance of national culture, which according to him is the only thing that makes us different in a widely globalizing contemporary world.

'It is the element that secures our identity, and within the history we're living — a hasty history — and in a globalizing world, the culture differentiates us; we must pay attention to this matter. To our language, to our history, to our myths, to our traditions, to our moral,' Professor Eugen Simion told AGERPRES ahead of the celebrations of the National Culture Day of January 15.

He asserted that, though 'Romanians return to their original idea, nowadays they think of their financial condition, of the perpetuating crisis, of the sluggishly synchronizing pensions; we must not omit that the essential factor of a nation is the culture.'

Among the originators of the promotion of this feature on January 15, on the occasion of the anniversary of the poet Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889), the literary critic estimates that 'the National Culture Day is nevertheless a plus,' and 'our politicians should understand how important culture is.'

'We earned it recently; the Parliament passed it, and it was a good thing to do. We were actually the ones who proposed linking the National Culture Day to Eminescu's anniversary, as we see him as a characteristic spirit,' said Academician Eugen Simion, who thinks that 'if he wouldn't have been a great poet, we would talk, write, and protest in vain, and no one would notice.'

Simion claims that the Myth of the National Poet endures, and the Romanians choose Eminescu as their eternal exponent.
'Eminescu is a grand poet and, as a well-known philosopher said, we feel the urge to return to him,' the academician said.

The critic called to 'carefully avoiding the common error of equating the aesthetic value and the ideological values accepted or proposed by an author.'

Nevertheless, the academician voiced his hope that Romanians will share a destiny and a future within a united Europe, even if 'many decades of freedom and of good social policy' are necessary. AGERPRES


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